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We are a people-first communications and outreach team. We add flow and energy online. As a nest of diverse creatives, we deliver digital content that is personal, connected, and pushes for progress with a liberation and human rights lens. Our clients are nonprofits, small businesses, and community groups who want time to focus on the core of their work while their social media and websites shine.



I’m Evelyn Shoop (she/her), founder of Nectar Digital Collaborative. The work of Nectar is just as much personal as it is client-focused. I’m a cis white woman, living on Kalapuya land,* who grew up in Oregon, a state founded as a whites-only bastion. We have a lot of liberation work to do together. I bring almost 20 years of experience in education, children’s media, writing, editing & content creation to my role as creative visionary at Nectar. 

What People Are Saying

“Evelyn is a fantastic partner. She was the lead writer on our annual report and used her interviewing skills to elicit profound insights from our clients. Her deep respect for our values and mission inspired ideas for a theme and highlights that really showed our impact.”

– Kim Kruckel, Child Care Law Center

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The Nectar Team

I’m Adrina Carmona (she/her/ella), Nectar’s Community Collaboration and Digital Relationships Manager. I was raised in Monterey County, known as the “Salad Bowl” of the world. Growing up in a rural, agricultural area and watching mi gente work so hard and be dehumanized showed me injustices at a young age. I’m proud to keep our community relationships strong and thriving. I’m so excited to see the doors open for more connections between our communities everywhere.

I’m Tanya Dickinson (she/her), Nectar’s blogger and copywriter. Along with my creative point of view and writing talents, I bring my commitment to equity to Nectar’s culture. After 15 years in the Pacific Northwest, I now reside in my childhood home of Missoula, Montana, where I can hike, camp, and enjoy the outdoor landscapes. I also love to see live music, advocate for social justice, and spend time with my middle-school-aged daughter. 

Oh, hello. I didn’t hear you come in. I’m Ferd Po (he/him). I came to Nectar as a graphic designer and illustrator, but have branched out as a content coordinator and internal systems goblin. I was drawn to Nectar because my life has been defined by both the fight for social justice and creation of all kinds. My current obsessions are stand-up comedy, archery (longbow), and screenplays. My permanent obsessions are raising my awesome kid and strengthening my community through connection. Catch me nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. 

*We acknowledge the importance of land acknowledgement as a tool for education and liberation. We also recognize it can be done performatively and as an ineffective balm for the wounds of genocide and stolen land. We are committed to learning and deepening our own engagement with Indigenous liberation and solidarity, and the Land Back movement. 1) Find out more on this topic. 2) Watch this short video from the Luna Jimenez Institute for Social Transformation on the purpose of land acknowledgement.


  • Inequality & Anti-poverty Work
  • Grass-Roots Digital Advocacy
  • Live-Streaming & Live Social Media
  • Sustainability & Food Systems
  • Early Childhood & Elementary Education
  • Holistic Health Approaches
  • Parenting and Family Dynamics

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